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  Zhangjiagang Shenggang Enviroment fireproof construciton  materials Co., Ltd. is located in the national ecological health and civilized city - Zhangjiagang City, is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, from the million ton international natural harbor - Zhangjiagang port, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, only five kilometers; Suzhou, Wuxi, Changshu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, close. Business building area of 68000 square meters, production equipment, technology and means of detection ranks the forefront of the domestic and foreign counterparts; production and sales of "Sheng Hong card" all kinds of fire prevention board, ceilings, etc. series of products, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration renewal of green environmental protection product. Products by the national fire protection, construction science, health and Epidemic Prevention Center for quality supervision, inspection and detection, the performance indicators and fireproof indexes reached international and domestic standards, has passed IS9001-2000 quality system certification, CE international certification, CQC certification of environmentally friendly products, product mold certification, smokeless products toxicity level certification, sound insulation product certification and product certification of asbestos, to develop the implementation of the enterprise quality inspection standards. Products have passed the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Philippines and other countries of the government departments of the indicators testing and inspection, and allows access to the country. The production of various types of glass magnesium fire board reached 11000000 square meters, is an important production base for foreign trade.

        Products in the country have set up a large and medium cities, the market covers all over the country. And exported to Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Middle East and other countries and regions, praised by users and appreciation.After raising equipment retrofit, process, product structure adjustment, new product development development, integration of advantageous resources, enterprise is more flourishing, thriving booming production and sales situation. In 2005 to become the Chinese fire board magnesite products R & D manufacturing base. In 2006 to become the magnesite products R & D and production of the world's largest manufacturing base.

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